Silent Auction, Raffles & T-Shirts

The Silent Auction is a great place to pick up Rafting and Kayaking Gear —come check it out! May 19th & 20th, 2018. Bidding will open Saturday at 10:00 am and close Sunday at 1:00 pm. Bidding for the auction is at the event only, but you do not need to be present at the close of the festival to walk away with a great deal on the item that you want.  We’ll contact you after the festival and arrange a way for you to collect your gear.

$1 Raffle – In addition to the silent auction, there will be a huge raffle Saturday night and live music from a northwest bluegrass band during the Next Adventure BBQ at Carter Bridge.  The music, BBQ and beer garden will start around 4:30 p.m., but $1 raffle tickets will be on sale at the silent auction booth all day.  You must be present during the awards ceremony around 5:30 p.m. to win!

$5 Raffle – Win an OS Systems custom drysuit. Drawing will be at 2:30 pm Sunday after the awards ceremony. Raffle tickets will be on sale Saturday and Sunday for $5 each.  See OS Systems Raffle Details for more information.  You do not need to be present to win.

Enter to win an OS Systems DrysuitClick here for more information.

$10 T-Shirts & Hats and $15 Long Sleeve t-Shirts- Pick up your Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival gear at the silent auction booth.

Payments can be made with cash or personal checks only.  Sorry, we are not able to accept credit or debit cards at this time.

The items below are representative of the great gear we get every year from our sponsors and vendors. More great items are being donated everyday! Be sure to check them out at the event.


OSbluename1.gif O.S. Systems has once again donated a Spirit drysuit. Purchase your $5 raffle tickets at the silent auction booth and maybe you’ll be lucky winner this year.

Retail Value: $1355



DRL River Gypsies has once again generously donated a quality powder coated steel cat boat frame to this year’s festival.  This frame has a high clearance open tunnel floor, HD pivoting oar towers, a welded seat bracket and back half webbed floor.  Look for it on display at the DRL River Gypsies booth.


Retail Value: $1100    Starting Bid: $550



Next Adventure – Custom Adventure Technology Kayak Paddle, up to $450 value

featured product image

Retail Value: $450    Starting Bid: $225



 Sotar River Tube

River Tube close

Retail: $350    Starting Bid: $175



 NRS Ion PFD – Type III: Through decades of boating and selling life jackets, we’ve come to realize that the best life jacket is the one you’ll actually wear, and a life jacket you’ll wear is the one that feels great all-day long. The evolution of NRS PFDs continues with the ultra-comfortable, low profile Ion. 16.5 design flotation.


Retail: $110    Starting Bid: $55


Cascade River Gear

Cascade River Gear Siesta Pad – Take a Siesta on our 3” slightly firm, yet soft inner memory foam wrapped in a thick 22 oz waterproof exterior vinyl.

Retail: $180    Starting Bid: $90

 aire_logo.gif AIRE – 30″ Landing Pad.  After a thrilling day of boating, crash out on the AIRE Landing Pad. Designed to provide extra comfort and good night’s sleep on a river trip.

Landing Pads

Retail: $180    Starting Bid: $90

aire_logo.gif  AIRE – 24″ Landing Pad.  After a thrilling day of boating, crash out on the AIRE Landing Pad. Designed to provide extra comfort and good night’s sleep on a river trip.

Landing Pads

Retail: $160    Starting Bid: $80

maravia_logo.gif Maravia Silverback Pad – Thick, self-inflating sleeping pads are made of waterproof PVC material and a soft inner foam. Open the heavy duty boat valve and the core of foam expands as it takes in air to become a comfortable pad. Pad is 4″ thick x 26″ wide x 76″ long. 


Retail: $260     Starting Bid: $130    (two available)

Jack’s Plastic Welding Paco Grande Pad – 2″ X 28″ X 78″ Firm Foam Waterproof and Self Inflating


Retail: $288    Starting Bid: $144

imgres Cataract Oars $500 gift certificate

Cataract Oars is the whitewater and drift boating oars brand of Advanced Composites, Inc., a maker of high-performance carbon and fiberglass products, predominantly for aerospace, defense and biomedical applications. But we do make a lot of oars, too. We think we’re pretty good at it, and our customers agree with us. Which is what counts.

Retail: $500    Starting Bid: $250

Andy & Bax Ortlieb 60 litre duffle bag in white

Retail: $170    Starting Bid: $85

Goodwater Boat Works is offering a $100 gift certificate for boat repair work.

Check out their field repair clinic on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

Retail: $100    Starting Bid: $50

 MADCATR Logo  Madcatr bungy fliplines

bungy lines

Retail: $80    Starting Bid: $40

Cascade River Gear Cascade Short 4″ Barrel Pump

The pump measures 22″ tall and features a 1″ diameter x 6′ long non-collapsible hose with an rubber nozzle designed to fit most standard inflation valves.






Retail: $160   Starting Bid: $80

Central Idaho River Shuttles Central Idaho River Shuttles – Shuttles for whitewater rafting adventurers seeking quality auto transport services from point A to point B on the Lower Salmon River, Main Salmon River, Selway River, Middle Fork Salmon River and Hells Canyon.

 Retail: $180   Starting Bid: $90 – Gift certificate for one bungee jump

Retail: $100    Starting Bid: $50       (two available)

ZiplineX Zipline X – Gift certificate for one zip line course

 Retail: $100   Starting Bid: $50       (two available)

Cascade River Gear Cascade Roll Top Duffel – 100 liters


Retail: $100    Starting Bid: $50

   Jack’s Plastic’s small roll down duffle

Image result for jack's plastics roll down duffel

Retail: $117    Starting Bid: $59

Watershed Animas backpack style drybag, 2 lbs. 8 ounces, 54 litre

Retail: $160    Starting Bid: $80

New item coming soon!


Retail: $0    Starting Bid: $0

community.png Next Adventure – Pool Session Punch Card good for 6 pool classes  of your choosing (rolling, rescues, essential skills class)

Whitewater Paddling

Retail: $350    Starting Bid: $175




Whitewater Designs -Fabric Water Bucket

#CO06 - Fabric Water Bucket | Cascade Series of Camping Accessories

Retail: $46    Starting Bid: $23

sotar.jpg Dry Bag

Retail: $36    Starting Bid: $18

 Cascade River Gear
Cascade River Gear – Soft Coolers are easy to pack and clean, and they fold up and store out of the way when not in use, making them perfect for the river.

Retail: $88    Starting Bid: $44

NRS-Logo-Smaller.jpg WRSI Current Pro Helmet

Retail: $90    $Starting Bid: $45

Alder Creek Alder Creek Kayak, Canoe, Raft & SUP – Astral Green Jacket LE9

Retail: $260   Starting Bid: $130

andyandbaxlogo4.gif Andy & Bax – Stohlquist Kahuna 22lb. High Float PFD

Retail: $120    Starting Bid: $60

sotar.jpg Sotar – Duffel Dry Bag


Retail: $150  Starting Bid:$75

Ice Bullet Ice Bullet – Coolers should keep items colder longer and not turn into a bucket full of slushy water with wet food particles floating around. That is why we invented the Ice Bullet – the Original containment device that allows you to Freeze Your Cans.


Retail: $20 (2 pack)    Starting Bid: $10

NRS-Logo-Smaller.jpg NRS – Type III: The NRS Vapor PFD gives you the look, feel and performance of a high-end life jacket for a budget-friendly price. The soft foam flotation molds to your body for all-day comfort, and you’ll love the hand warmer pouch and big front pocket. 16.5 pound design flotation.

NRS Vapor PFD (alternate image)

Retail: $80    Starting Bid: $40

New item coming soon!


Retail: $0    Starting Bid: 0

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Large cooler compartment 24″ x 10″


Retail: $36    Starting Bid: $18

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Gear Tote 28″ x 14″


Retail: $30    Starting Bid: $15

 community.png Next Adventure – Wilderness Technology Merino Wool Base Layer, top or bottom

Wilderness Technology Merino Wool Base Layer Top - Women'sWilderness Technology Merino Wool Base Layer Pant - Women's

Retail: $50      Starting Bid: $25    (two available)


whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs – rucksack 36″ x 24″ and strap bag 18″ x 12.5″

WD_rucksack.jpg    Cascade Strap Bag | 1 Inch Polypro Strap & Buckle

Retail: $24-28   Starting Bid: $12-14

 whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Air-Flow Dish Dryer


Retail: $25    Starting Bid: $13

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs – small and large utensil organizers

This fabric organizer hangs from food preparation camp table or nearby trees and provide a place to store and drip-dry camping dishes, utensils, and silverware.


Retail: $20-30    Starting Bid: $10-15

NRS-Logo-Smaller.jpg WRSI – S-turn elbow pads

WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads

Retail: $60    Starting Bid: $30

New item coming soon!

Retail: $0    Starting Bid: $0

 whitewater-designs.jpg  Whitewater Designs – Type III Life Jacket Tote – 28″ x 16″ x 20″ (8-10 jackets)

#481 - Type III Life Jacket Tote | Gear Totes

Retail: $34    Starting Bid: $17

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Universal Handle and Stirrup Handle

universal_handle.jpg    stirrup_handle.jpg

Retail: $4-10    Starting Bid: $2-5

community.png Next Adventure – Force 6 Throw Bag , 1/4″ x 70 ft. (100% Multi Filament Polypropylene rope), Ripstop Nylon Bag and Rear Loops for Belt Mounting


Retail: $60    Starting Bid: $30

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Reverse Taper Throw Bag.  These bags are 400 denier nylon with a drawstring top and a ethafoam disk in the bottom for flotation. All of the seams are over-locked. The 3/8″ (1900 lbs.) braided buoyant polypro rope is yellow with orange tracer for high visibility in the water.  Size: 50′ – 7/16″ poly



Retail: $35    Starting Bid: $18

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Kayak Bag 50′ x 5/16″


Retail: $22    Starting Bid: $11

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Medium Bag 50′ x 7/16′


Retail: $28    Starting Bid: $14

whitewater-designs.jpg Whitewater Designs Dish Shelf 16″ to 18 ” or 24″


Retail: $20-24  Starting Bid: $10-12