Next Adventure Boater X Kayak Race

A four-person head-to-head whitewater kayak race. Top two of each heat continues on to the final heat of four.

This is a points event for the Western Whitewater Championship Series and there will be awards for the top three men and top three women in this event.

Boaters are started in an eddy about 100 yards above Carters Rapid. They must navigate whitewater while negotiating gates. The final gate marks the finish line. Boaters compete in a final heat of four to decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Sponsored by Next Adventure who has generously donated gift certificates for the top three finishers.  1st place: $200 gift certificate, 2nd place: $100 gift certificate, 3rd place: $50 gift certificate.


1. Paddlers must make all gates. Failure to negotiate a gate is an automatic disqualification.
2. No malicious intent to injure. In other words, bumping is racing but intentional intent to harm another paddler is automatic disqualification.
3. Top two paddlers of each heat advance towards the final heat of four.
4. No boats longer than 9′ 10″.
5. To successfully clear a gate a boater must pass through each gate from their waist up.
6. Judges will decide disqualifications.
7. The number of entries will decide number of heats.

2015 Boater X Competition