DRL River Gypsies Cataraft Rodeo

Watch the hot shot cat boaters show off surfing and trick skills in Carter Falls.

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The Cataraft Rodeo is always a favorite event at the Whitewater Festival. The boaters who take part are some of the hottest cat boat drivers in the area. Come out and watch these guys and gals show their stuff!

Points are awarded for surfing in holes, trick maneuvers and showmanship. Click on the rules link below to see exactly what the judges are looking for.

You may recall a few years back when local favorite Val Shaull flipped during the Cataraft Rodeo only to find that he had neglected to attach flip lines! Maybe we should modify the rules to include style points for the quickest re-flip with extra points awarded for a re-flip WITHOUT using flip lines!

Cataraft Rodeo Rules