Boat Demos

Gear-geeks rejoice! Here’s your chance to test out the latest and greatest rafts, inflatable kayaks or catarafts from all the leading manufacturers.

Rafts and Frames Available to Try Out

Sign up to demo a Maravia, HDRO, AIRE, or NRS boat through Goodwater Boat Works
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More Information You Need to Know

You definitely need Class III or IV skills to demo, depending on the section of river you choose to test run and the river flows. A limited number of PFDs and helmets may be available, but it is recommended that you bring your own. If the flows are big, you’ll want a wetsuit and splash jacket as well.

You’ll need to provide your driver’s license or credit card as a deposit and be ready to sign a liability release waiver. If possible, the vendors will provide shuttles. As a courtesy to all participants, please return the demo boat as soon as you complete your run.