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DRL River Gypsies Cataraft Rodeo

Watch the hot shot cat boaters show off surfing and trick skills in Carter Falls.

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The Cataraft Rodeo is always a favorite event at the Whitewater Festival. The boaters who take part are some of the hottest cat boat drivers in the area. Come out and watch these guys and gals show their stuff!

Points are awarded for surfing in holes, trick maneuvers and showmanship. Click on the rules link below to see exactly what the judges are looking for.  This years winner will receive a pair of 

Fan favorite, Jay Cohen with a no hands surf.

Cataraft Rodeo Scoring.
Getting on to wave = 3pts
10 seconds on wave = 3pts
30 seconds on wave = 3pts
60 seconds on wave = 3pts
No additional points for surfing a wave after sixty seconds.
Tricks / Stunts
Front surfing (facing upstream – minimal time 3 sec ) = 3pts
One hand wave (one hand on either oar – minimal time 1 sec) = 3pts
Two hand wave (no hands on either oars – minimal time 1 sec) = 6pts
Stand up surfing (minimal time 1 sec) = 6pts
360 spin (no minimal or maximum time for trick) = 6pts
Stand up/one hand wave (minimal time 1 sec) = 9pts **New added trick
Stand up/two hand wave (minimal time 1 sec) = 12pts
Hand stand surf = 12pts
Attempted hand stand surf = 6pts
*Note: Each of the outlined tricks above will be rewarded once for each surfing wave.
Additional Competition Bonus Scores
Additional bonus points for tricks in holes #3 and #5, +50%. 
Additional bonus points if an individual is unintentionally thrown out of or flips his/her cataraft.
  (Note: UCWWF doesn’t encourage or promote individuals to intentionally flip watercrafts in rapids.  However, this sort of mishap is part of the unpreventable consequence of this sport. A competing individual will not be disqualified or lose their accumulated points from such a mishap).
Additional bonus points if the ejected individual can climb back into cataraft or climbs back on and re-flips cataraft upright while in the rapids.

New Tricks will be scored between the judges and will be based on difficulty and style.